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F.O.X Tonal Cover Base 002, (jar) 30 ml

F.O.X Tonal Cover Base 002, (jar) 30 ml

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F.O.X Cover Base Tonal

F.O.X Cover Base Tonal is a collection of rubber, colored bases with a creamy consistency. Cover Base Tonal have excellent self-leveling properties, allowing you to achieve a perfect nail surface. They strengthen and level the nail plate, provide the styling with strength and flexibility. They prevent breaking, cracking and splitting of the nail.

Their semi-transparent, masking shades give the nail plate a healthy look while hiding imperfections. They do not flow or leave streaks.

* We recommend applying the F.O.X Base Flash Cat Eye to a nail covered with a thin layer of flexible base  


  • Self-levelling
  • Hide defects in the nail plate
  • Soft, masking shades
  • Creamy texture


  1. Shape the nails and buff the nail plate
  2. Apply the F.O.X Nail Prep
  3. Apply the F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid preparation
  4. Coat the entire nail surface with a thin layer of flexible F.O.X base and cure, then F.O.X Tonal Cover Base; if reinforcement and leveling is needed, use the drip method
  5. Cure under the 36W UV lamp - 2 min; under the 48W LED/UV lamp - 30-60 sec.
  6. Finish the styling with application and polymerization of the selected top from the F.O.X range
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