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F.O.X Color Base Shimmer 003, 14 ml

F.O.X Color Base Shimmer 003, 14 ml

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F.O.X Cover Base Shimmer

F.O.X Cover Base Shimmer is a collection of masking dense bases with shimmering particles. Soft pastel shades give a healthy look to the nail plate and hide imperfections. In addition, the bases contain shimmering opal flecks, which add incredible shine to the polish coat.

Thanks to their consistency, they have excellent self-leveling properties, which allows you to achieve the perfect shape of the nail. They strengthen and level the plate, enhancing the stylization. They prevent breaking, cracking and splitting of the nail.

* We recommend applying the F.O.X Base Flash Cat Eye to a nail covered with a thin layer of flexible base  

The collection consists of 4 shades.



  • Iridescent particles provide exceptional shine;
  • Delicate masking shades;
  • Self-leveling properties;
  • Strengthening thin and problematic nails.


  1. Shape the nails and buff the nail plate
  2. Apply the F.O.X Nail Prep
  3. Apply the F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid preparation
  4. Coat the entire nail surface with a thin layer of flexible F.O.X base and cure, then F.O.X Cover Base Shimmer; if reinforcement and leveling is needed, use the drip method
  5. Cure under the 36W UV lamp - 2 min; under the 48W LED/UV lamp - 30-60 sec.
  6. Finish the styling with application and polymerization of the selected top from the F.O.X range
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