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F.O.X Base Power, 14 ml

F.O.X Base Power, 14 ml

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F.O.X Base Power is a transparent flexible base with a medium-dense consistency that works even for problem nails. It allows to even out the shape of the plate and has a balanced pH. The base provides excellent adhesion and makes the nail look healthy.



  • Balanced pH, low acidity
  • Safe for the nail plate
  • Does not spill on the nail surface
  • Convenient to use, provides perfect adhesion


  1. Shape the nails and buff the nail plate
  2. Apply the F.O.X Nail Prep
  3. Apply the F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid preparation
  4. Coat the entire nail surface with a thin, even layer of F.O.X Base Power; if reinforcement and leveling is needed, use the drip method
  5. Cure under the 36W UV lamp - 2 min; under the 48W LED/UV lamp - 30-60 sec.
  6. The nail is ready to be painted with the chosen hybrid polish.
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