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F.O.X Acryl gel (jar) Beverly 001, 30 ml

F.O.X Acryl gel (jar) Beverly 001, 30 ml

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F.O.X Acryl Gel Beverly - a versatile coating material with shiny particles, designed for modeling, correcting and strengthening the nail plate.

It combines the best properties of acrylic and gel polish. It is convenient to apply and does not spill over the edges of the nail. The consistency of the product allows for a subtle extension of the styling without the use of a stencil. In addition, it allows modeling the shape of the nail with classic paper forms and top forms. The polish creates a very thin viscous dispersion layer, and during polymerization does not cause burning of the nail plate.

 For increased adhesion, it is necessary to use any flexible F.O.X. base.



  • Easy to apply
  • Does not flow on the surface of the nail
  • Odorless
  • Polymerizes only in the UV lamp light, does not burn


  1. Shape the nails, buff the nail plate
  2. Apply the  F.O.X. Nail Prep
  3. Use the F.O.X. Ultrabond non-acid preparation
  4. Cover the entire nail surface with a thin layer of a flexible F.O.X base coat and cure.
  5. Apply an appropriate amount of the F.O.X Acryl Gel Beverly. To smooth the product and achieve the perfect shape and length, use a brush soaked in the F.O.X Slip Solution and apply the material.
  6. Cure under a 36W UV lamp - 2-3 minutes; under a 48W LED/UV lamp - 1-3 minutes (depending on the amount of material).
  7. Remove the sticky layer with a dust-free cotton swab and the F.O.X Cleanser. File.
  8. The nail is ready to be painted with the gel polish or top coat of your choice.
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